Thank you for your interest

I will reach out to you shortly


Some more info about the service I'm offering

Where are you located?

I'm an Irish citizen located in Dublin, Ireland.

Do you have a legal entity?

Yes, my company is registered in Ireland: Relevantify Limited, registration number 712443

How do you structure your work?

1. Introductory call
2. Campaign plan in the spreadsheet (keywords, ad copy, targeting, bids and budget)
3. New landing pages creation
4. New spreadsheet setup for managing the leads (if needed)
5. GA4 goals setup through GTM
6. Account creation, upload of the campaigns
7. Datastudio dashboard
8. Ongoing optimization / expansion, A/B tests

I will lead a presentation to serve as a journal for the project.
Check out my presentation "Google Ads setup", outlining principles I use in my work.


My CV in .pdf


From €3000 per month per project (including VAT).
For early stage startups I can offer a lower price, depending on the project size.